Brendan Langen


Hello and Welcome! I am a Product Maker and Writer living in Chicago. 


I am on a mission to see the world as it really is. At the root of this is my love of bringing people together to solve problems. 

When humans are at our best, we work together. We explore new places and create new things. We push the limits of what we know and build new ways of thinking and living. 

To solve problems, we must first step back from our own perspective and engage others to see a wider view of the world. Often, this means we need to acknowledge our cognitive biases, think through a different lens, and respect other opinions. Most of all, we need to listen!

Only then we can ask the right questions. Is this rooted in scientific fact? What is based solely on perception? What are my assumptions? Why?

Without a deep understanding of the situation and the person, we are left with incorrect or, at best, incomplete solutions. 

In my work, I use these principles as my guide. I lead a product team that creates simulated learning experiences, using lessons from revolutionary thinkers who have mastered design. In my life, I stop to challenge my assumptions of the world and ask why things are done this way.

Thus, my life's intent: I want to make the world a better place by teaching people how to live a better life by understanding our world. It can be done. 

Let's make it happen together.