Confession: I end up spending far too much time thinking about projects and business ideas, even when I know I don't have time to complete them. The mind likes to think...

Here are some of the things I've thought about over the past year that I'm not currently working on, but would love to. I will update this area regularly, with active projects coming soon (upon launch…). 

If you're interested in working on a project, have an idea to share, or, better yet, one of these already exists, drop me a line. Also, if anyone has figured out how to zoom in and amplify time, PLEASE let me know.

In the Garage

Note Prompt & Recall

I take hundreds and hundreds of notes, but am frustrated by the retrieval process. When I look back at a note, it takes me time to recapture the feeling and understanding I had when I wrote it. There are several things I've written that are somewhere lost in translation, and I could really use them right now. Sometimes, I forget that I've written something down altogether. Realistically, this is my problem, but I don't doubt it may be yours, as well. What I'm talking about is one part poor organization, and one part a lack of tools to actually help me remember what I've done. 

Business PER

People get hired on the basis of their resume, network, and interviewing capabilities, but do we really know how effective someone is from a few hours in the process? Absolutely not. From a hiring standpoint, nothing is worse than committing time and resources to someone and finding they are the wrong fit altogether. I hate wasting time. Wasting energy may be worse. 

PER comes from sports. In my younger years, I would scour statistics to try and understand how my team could get an edge. Studying basketball, I discovered PER (Player Efficiency Rating) from John Hollinger, which gave me the best assessment I had ever seen on the age old question - who is the best? 

This project is to develop a scale to assess someone's performance in a business setting - measuring the hard-to-measures - and combining it into an efficiency rating. Imagine if we actually knew how good someone was!

Experience Sensory Radars

This is a data visualization project I'm interested in. I spend too much time thinking about the limbic system and our sensory experiences, and I think it would be pretty damn cool to have a standard to visualize things like seeing fireworks, drinking a fine Rioja, going to a rap show, and having sex. 

I like spider charts, and StatsBomb's Player Radars do an exceptional job at telling a story in a quick visual. Could we expand this to visualize your life's experiences? 

I'm not sure this would do anything more than engage my senses when viewing them, but this could be cool nonetheless. There is no limit on what we can make easier for people to relate to. 

Bet on Behavior Change

I may have retired from gambling, but boy, do I understand the emotion and mindset of putting it all on the line. Using this psychological principle can make us commit to change, which is interesting for people looking to actually get over the hump and lose a few pounds, start a meditation practice, or go to the moon. 

Also here, a shout to the Behavior Change for Good team at Penn. Angela Duckworth, Katy Milkman and their team are doing great work to improve people's physical and financial health. I'm very curious to see where this project goes.  

Interested in working on one of these ideas? Drop me a line.

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